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Togo political crisis: Refugees flee to Ghana

Hundreds of Togolese particularly women and children, are seeking refuge at the Chereponi district in the Northern Region.

This follows the incessant political stalemate in neighboring Togo, where opposition protesters are demanding President Faure Gnassingbe’s removal from office.

The Chereponi District Chief Executive, Abdul Razak Tahiru, today [Wednesday], confirmed to Citi News that almost 300 Togolese are seeking refuge in his area.

According to him, they are camped at isolated places where humanitarian services have been extended to them. He further disclosed that a number of the refugees are living with their relations in Chereponi.

“Majority of the refugees are living with their extended family relations and friends and we are providing them food, blankets and other valuables to ensure their comfort and safety.”

He allayed fears that the Togolese refugees had negative security implications for inhabitants of the district.

He said law enforcement agencies in the area, especially immigration officials, are on a high alert at the entry check points to ensure that recalcitrants don’t sneak into the district to cause mayhem.

Abdul Razak Tahiru added that, the Northern Regional Security Council in collaboration with the District Security Committee is restrategizing to reinforce security there.

Citi News is reliably informed that the number of refugees entering Ghana through Chereponi and other parts of the Eastern Corridor enclave, could increase because the protesters are set to strengthen their protest on Thursday September 28, 2017.

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